Creating your own room is simple and is a great way to meet people who share your interests.

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Thank you for setting up {{chatname}} at EveryWhereChat.com. Below you will find your chat room code to cut and paste to your website. You will also find a link that you can use if you want a direct link to your chat room.

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Add the code below to place {{chatname}} on your own website.
<!-- Begin Everywherechat Room Code --> <a id="ewclink" href="http://www.everywherechat.com/">EveryWhereChat Free Flash Chatrooms</a> <br /> <script src="http://www.everywherechat.com/e.php?defaultRoom={{chatname}}&roomList=true&fontSize=12&width=600&height=500&theme={{selectedTheme}}"></script> <!-- End Everywherechat Room Code -->

Add the code below to place {{chatname}} on your Facebook page.

<fb:swf width='760' height='460' swfsrc='http://www.everywherechat.com/everywherechat.swf?defaultRoom={{chatname}}&roomList=true&fontSize=12&width=600&height=500&theme={{selectedTheme}}' imgsrc='http://www.everywherechat.com/images/flash_play.png' />


  1. After you have copied the code to your site follow the instrutions below to register your chat room.
  2. Load the webpage that you pasted your chat room code on.
  3. Sign on to the chat room with a nickname you want to use ( some names may be taken)
  4. After loading your chat room, double click your name in the member's list to register it.
  5. Now that your name is registered you can click on the Room Settings button at the top of the chat to register your room.
  6. Your room is now registered, use the Room Settings button to add moderators or change settings.